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Many private business embezzlement cases spurred by gambling are never prosecuted. Long before Secretary of State Dianna Duran faced criminal charges for alleged misuse of campaign funds, New Mexicans — ranging from public officials to private employees to grandmothers — have been accused of turning to crime to pay for gambling habits. Cases that grab headlines typically are those that involve thefts of public money.

But fraud by addicted gamblers also takes its toll on New Mexico businesses and families, often with little or treatment albuquerque public attention. And family members of compulsive gamblers often cover the costs with huge credit-card debts — knowingly and unknowingly.

The stories often involve respected professionals with spotless records who become criminals in a desperate effort to pay new florida casino gambling debts. Borrego was found asphyxiated in an apparent suicide two days before her sentencing hearing, when she would have faced up to 41 years in prison.

Yontz died in a shootout with police in after she attempted to rob an Albuquerque bank to cover her gambling debt. Although it seems New Mexico has more than its share of high-profile, gambling-caused tragedies and crooks, the problem is actually far deeper than that.

Chee had worked as an accounts-payable bookkeeper for the New York-based company. Records in the case show that many of the withdrawals were made at casinos, Anderson said. Family members gambling addiction addicted gamblers often are the first victims of fraud, said Kandace Blanchard, clinical director of the New Mexico Council on Problem Gambling, a nonprofit group that treats addicted gamblers.

Some gamblers turn to shoplifting to support their addiction, she said. Police and district attorneys often are reluctant to prosecute fraud in private companies, Blanchard said. Authorities consider theft by employees a failure of internal controls by gambling addiction treatment albuquerque, she said. Delivery alert until NaN. Remember Me Recover password Register. Help for compulsive gamblers The New Mexico Addictions to gambling on Problem Gambling was formed in to help compulsive gamblers and their families.

The nonprofit operates a hour crisis hotline and provides counseling for compulsive gamblers. Call the hotline at gambleror For more information, visit nmcpg. Federal prosecutions of fraud Fraud cases that involve theft of federal funds are prosecuted by the U.

The funds were drawn from the bank account of La Pasada Halfway House in Albuquerque, where Cash worked as executive director. His attorney told a federal judge that Wright, then 32, stole the money from to to finance his gambling addiction.

Find Gambling Treatment Centers in Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New "Gambling addiction is a somewhat misunderstood disorder and is therefore. Problem Gambling Resources in New Mexico FIND HELP IN YOUR STATE NOW, including counseling, treatment, self-help Albuquerque, NM Find Gambling Therapists, Psychologists and Gambling Counseling in Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, get help for Gambling in Albuquerque. I specialize in the treatment of the sexually addicted person. Sexual addiction manifests itself in many ways- compulsive use of porn, compulsive masturbation, affairs.

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